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How to make your own Chemical-Free Plant Pesticide

DIY Natural Garden Pesticide

What the damned bugs did to my peppers

What pests can do to your garden plants. (Photo Credits)

Having a lush garden is wonderful, but the reality is pests can come in to destroy that wealth of green any home gardener can make.

There however are ways to prevent pests from damaging garden plants – but not are all recommendable as most pesticides in the market are chemical-laden and can cause harm to the gardener, the environment, and even to the person who will eat the produce.

A good solution is chemical-free pesticides, which surprisingly are not as expensive as its counterpart, in fact one can even make it at home!

The website Bless my Weeds for instance shared a recipe for a homemade natural pesticide spray.

“It is estimated that more pesticides are used by homeowners and families than by actual farmers. This is an incredibly large amount of pesticides being used by everyday gardeners, but chemical pesticides can have their dangers. Here are some great ways to avoid using potentially toxic pesticides and replacing them with safer and more environmental-friendly alternatives.”

Check out the alternatives here.

Many ways to make chemical-free pesticides

Diet of Life also shared four recipes. Pest Removal

“Everyone who has a garden and enjoys gardening tasks knows how troublesome garden pests can get. Whether it is snails taking over your lettuce or aphids sucking on your roses, a pest infestation is definitely frustrating, but it is not a reason to resort to harmful, toxic pesticides.”

Get the recipes here.

A man who has meantime patented a non-toxic pesticide, is meantime seen as the person who can just make agricultural chemicals out of the shelves — for good.

“In a nutshell, mycologist and permaculture advocate Paul Stamets has discovered a chemical-free method to trick insects into gathering, stockpiling and eating insect-killing (entomopathogenic) fungi, which then take over their bodies and devour them.”

Learn more here.

What pesticide do you use in your home garden?


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