Thursday, April 14, 2016

Spider Invasion

When Spiders Invade the Home


What you can do when you face a spider invasion. (Photo Credits)

Just the thought of having spiders in the home can creep up many people, especially families with young children.

They bite, they are venomous, and are just plain hair-raising.

In Ireland, a particular specie of spider has recently multiplied and have been the subject of pest control callouts as mentioned in Sunday World. Pest Services           

The false widow spider or Steatoda nobilis which came to the UK from the Canary Islands a hundred years ago have made a home for themselves in Ireland and are growing in population. A bite from the false widow is rarely fatal, but can cause infections and in some cases amputations.”

Check out the story here.

Scary Spiders

And who would not be scared when the number of attacks have been escalating. The website Irish Mirror has shared that Pest Control companies have been issuing warnings about such.

“The poisonous pests have been multiplying in large numbers for the past few years due to our milder winters. One pest control company has revealed it is dealing with 10 to 15 callouts a week from terrified homeowners nationwide.”

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In Australia, a nightmare for those with Arachnophobia has just become a reality. Fun Times News reported that baby spiders rained down on people in one area in the country.

The crazy incident happened at Goulburn were homes and streets were covered in cobwebs and spiders. Those who were out and about at the time reported getting hundreds of spiders landing on them and getting stuck in their hair. Several guys reported having them crawling through their beards”

Check out the photos about the spider rain here.

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